Middle School Education

Middle School Education

Interdisciplinary study and experiential learning are the hallmarks of the Middle School curriculum. Learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls emphasize application and integration of the curriculum.
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Our Goals

To prepare the Middle School students with the skills and knowledge to succeed as they solve real life problems, work in cooperative teams and learn to set goals for individual achievement.
To incorporate a variety of teaching techniques including the use of Multiple Intelligences to address the learning styles of our students.
To promote learning through an interdisciplinary approach with enrichment courses in Art, Band, Technology, Foreign Language, Music, and Physical Education.
To extend opportunities through community service for students to exhibit character, integrity, and responsibility - traits that will be essential for becoming productive members of society.
To guide students to become self-motivated, life-long learners.

Wednesday, May 18 9:30am: Awards and Honor Chapel

Wednesday, May 18: Noon Dismissal

Friday, May 20 9:00am: 5th, 8th, and 12th Grade Graduation

Friday, May 27: Preschool End of Year Parties

Closed May 30: Memorial Day

Tuesday May 31: Summer Daycare Begins

Monday June 6: K5-6 Summer Camp Begins