Early Childhood Education


Our greatest capacity for learning is during the early years of life. At the Episcopal Day School, students in the K2 through K4 classrooms are challenged to explore the limitless boundaries of imagination and creativity.

Fee Schedules

Our Goals

To direct the successful transition from learning on the concrete level to the development of abstract thinking capabilities throughout the course of the elementary phase of their education.
To challenge each student in his/her learning to master the academic disciplines and progress at a level consistent with their development stage and individual ability.
To emphasize individual and group activities that build social skills and self-confidence.
To build good learning habits and encourage curiosity that is essential for constructive learning through experimentation, exploration, and invention.
To promote the early development of character and individual accountability through classroom activities, school wide events, and participation in chapel services.

Wednesday, May 18 9:30am: Awards and Honor Chapel

Wednesday, May 18: Noon Dismissal

Friday, May 20 9:00am: 5th, 8th, and 12th Grade Graduation

Friday, May 27: Preschool End of Year Parties

Closed May 30: Memorial Day

Tuesday May 31: Summer Daycare Begins

Monday June 6: K5-6 Summer Camp Begins