School History

Episcopal Day School has served the Gadsden area for more than 65 years - celebrating chapel every Wednesday, remaining faithful to our Christian foundations, and nurturing the spiritual formation of our students. We are committed to finding each child's individual talents and offering an atmosphere in which those talents can flourish - thus creating happy, fruitful adults who go forth and positively contribute to their communities.graduates, beginning with our first class in 2009.
- Our goal is helping each child to find his or her own gifts and to develop them to the fullest so that they may be happy, successful adults contributing to their communities.
We offer a firm foundation on which students learn to pray, to study, and to serve God, and our weekly chapel services bind us in fellowship in the midst of our diversity, activity, and varied pursuits.

About School

The Episcopal Day School is a vibrant community of learners from 12 months through the 12th grade. Our campus is a collection of wonderful differences, which makes it a warm, welcoming, Christian environment for learning. We offer a firm foundation on which students learn to pray, to study, and to serve God, and our weekly chapel services bind us in fellowship in the midst of our diversity, activity, and varied pursuits.

An early appreciation of the arts begins in preschool and continues through high school, with studies built to ensure that art and theatre are entwined and encouraged throughout our students' educational careers. Foreign language development begins in K3 and carries through high school as a means of exposure to different cultures. Furthermore, Episcopal promotes musical education to enhance creative and mathematical pathways in young brains.

Annual Fundraising

The Annual Fund directly supports faculty and students. It provides the school with the essential dollars necessary for program enhancements not covered by tuition. The Annual Fund is vital to the life of the school.

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Community service is encouraged through our association with the Kiwanis Club, and Episcopal offers all three student organizations for elementary through high school with its K-Kids, Builders Club, and Key Club organizations. Service club members have collectively volunteered more than 200 service hours and raised over $2,000 during the past academic year.

A part-time schedule for our preschool families in K2 and K3 is available, in addition to a traditional 5-day schedule. Episcopal Day School also hosts a comprehensive summer camp for rising kindergarten through 6th-grade students, with focus on gardening, robotics, music, sports, international studies, & more.

Episcopal Day School prepares students with college preparatory classes including Honors, Advanced Placement, and extensive Dual Enrollment. Equal emphasis is placed on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and more than 10 years of experience in robotics gives our middle and high school students invaluable insight into the real world of product research, design, marketing, and sales.
School is taking safety measures against COVID-19.
A key lesson learned during the pandemic is the important role teachers play in ensuring that learning continues. As schools reopen, a lot will depend on teachers to ensure that children will be able to continue their education in a safe and healthy environment; and make up for knowledge and skills that may have been lost.
Full Protocol

Meet Staff

Laura L. McCartney
Connie Gray
Administrative Assistant
Joyce Johnson
Preschool Aid
Amanda Willingham
Toddler Teacher
Shirley Hudson
K-2 Teacher
Sheila Gordon
K-3 Teacher
Susan Griffith
K-4 Teacher
Sharon Reynolds
Music Teacher
Isabele Golden
French Teacher
Tammie Davis
Physical Education
Shelley Cothran
Elementary Teacher
Ariel McElwee
Elementary Teacher
Emily Crane
Elementary Teacher
Karen Thompson
Secondary Science Teacher
April Parcus
Secondary Social Studies
Jeff Lassiter
Secondary Math
Jesse Groover
Secondary English